Major North American Specialty Apparel Retailer


  • Canadian operations had begun to decline compared to the US operations, despite having been the most profitable division for the retailer
  • Prevailing hypotheses of the management team was that they had opened too many stores and were cannibalizing their business


  • Conducted a review of retail store performance for each individual store, including category performance
  • Analyzed overall competitive position and changes in the market environment
  • Reviewed merchandizing and marketing changes
  • Undertook in market store visits, interviewing store personnel
  • Analyzed retail composition of each mall and outlet center
  • Conducted a survey with current shoppers, lapsed shoppers and none shoppers


  • Developed a strategy to reposition the business, including changes in merchandising and marketing strategy
  • Developed guidelines for new store development
  • All recommendations were implemented, resulting in performance turnaround