North American Childrenswear Retailer

Situation: New CEO had recently been appointed to turnaround the business. CEO had developed a plan to stabilize the business and the Board was looking to develop a more innovative approach to growing the business in the face of a tough retail environment. Engagement: Used the concept of war games to facilitate the management team […]

Major North American Specialty Apparel Retailer

Situation: Canadian operations had begun to decline compared to the US operations, despite having been the most profitable division for the retailer Prevailing hypotheses of the management team was that they had opened too many stores and were cannibalizing their business Engagement: Conducted a review of retail store performance for each individual store, including category […]

N. American Retail Holding Company

Situation: Largest mass merchant in Canada was experiencing significant declines in margin due to competitive pressures Engagement: Retained to develop a new retail concept that had not previously existed in the market Undertook an analysis of global retail concepts to define a concept that would work in the Canadian market Completed market, consumer and competitive […]

Department Store Chain

Situation: $15bn US based department store Was looking to identify $100MM in savings in marketing to re-invest in the business Engagement: We developed a proprietary approach focused on understanding the effectiveness of individual marketing programs At a campaign level By marketing vehicle By market By offer type Results: Identified over $150MM in savings which the […]

Global Fashion Brand

Situation: Global fashion brand with $500MM in US sales 5 CEOs in 5 years. We were retained by the incoming CEO to undertake a complete review of the business and recommend a plan for turning around the business Engagement: Our analysis included a thorough review of: Market & competitive positioning Customer feedback A review of […]